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Galveston Island Brewing (GIB) was founded in June of 2014 by owners, Mark & Liesel Dell’Osso. Mark was an avid home brewer who won many home brew competitions. With the advice of his wife, Liesel, Mark decided to open a brewery on Galveston Island.


The story of GIB started in the Tap Room with just a few beers and a lot of passion in the brewhouse. Operating on a 5-barrel brewing system made of dairy farm equipment with just 3 tanks for fermenting beer, GIB had a lot of room to grow. Through self-distribution and a loyal locals crowd, the Tap Room and brewery production grew rapidly.

Over the years, GIB has brewed a variety of different beers with the brewery's flagship beer, Tiki Wheat, at the forefront. Deemed the Official Beer of Galveston, Tiki Wheat, has helped Galveston launch their brand from Galveston Island to the Greater Houston area.

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In 2021, GIB broke ground on a 4,400 square foot expansion. The addition is located on the existing brewery property and hosts additional production space and a climate-controlled seating area. The new facility will allow the brewery to double its current production capabilities and host a new rental space for events. The focus is on doubling core brands, while expanding the specialty beers division. GIB has a wide range of specialty releases including a barrel aging program and a sour barrel aging program set to be released in 2023.

Galveston Island Brewing currently operates on a 20-barrel system, with brewing capacity at 8,000 barrels per year. In 2021, GIB brewed a little over 5,000 barrels for thirsty consumers.


Galveston Island Brewing’s Tap Room is a top tourist destination in Galveston and is rated as one of the top things to do on TripAdvisor. Located on the west end of Galveston Island, and just a block from the beach, Galveston Island Brewing is a great stop on your tour of the island.

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